Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Herbert's "Reasons"

Defacto Governor Gary Herbert's blog:

Best Choice for Governor: Reason #100

Exports gain momentum in Utah economy

SALT LAKE CITY — As the once-reliable twins of the local economy — real estate and population growth — have faltered, a smaller but more solid sector — exports — has been picking up the slack and gaining momentum.

Despite all the hand-wringing about the U.S. trade deficit that posted an 18-month peak earlier this month as the value of imports surged and exports nationwide have been bumping along or sinking into the negative, Utah has been quietly holding its own.

"And it has three of the top 10 metro areas in our study that appear to be the beams of a new economic era that could shoulder in a new wave of jobs and innovation," said Mark Muro, a co-author of a Brookings Institution report released today stating that the Mountain West, and Salt Lake metro areas in particular, could well be the new home of national export growth and the new hope for global competition.
Exports are great. They can -- can -- create jobs consistently enough to produce economic health. Export growth can be -- can be -- a sign of a healthy economy. But not when they are the only sign of growth to be seen.

Economics lessons for the Governor aside, it's worth noting that Gary's "Reason #100" is something he had not a single bit of involvement with.

Not a damn thing.

Same can be said for his Reason #101, where he takes credit for internet use. Reason #98, taking credit for our commuter friendly roads. Reason #104, slight growth in construction (cough Federal Stimulus cough) jobs. And by all means, lets not forget Reason #102!

Herbert's campaign seems to consist of asking Utahns to vote for him because 1) Praise was given while he was Lt. Gov, busy not replying to email requests from voters, 2) Achievements were made by others,  3) Scott Jenkins and ALEC think he's super, and 4) All of his stuff is already in the office... why make him move it?

So what's Gary not taking credit for?  Well, there's this...
Utah is expected to receive $1.4 billion ARRA funds through a variety of programs, including $498 million for State Fiscal Stabilization. For additional budget stabilization, Utah maintains the Budget Reserve Fund (Rainy Day Fund) and Education Budget Reserve Fund (Education Rainy Day Fund) with a combined total balance of $418.5 million.[3] Utah faced a $872 million revenue drop for FY 2009 and $956 million for FY 2010, making general state government cuts of 16% and using $391 million of federal money in FY 2009 and $782.5 million in 2010 to balance its budget.
Just like all that internet a-usin', Gary, this happened on your watch too.


  1. Jack Bateman7/28/2010 5:05 PM

    That's the best you can do? I'm extremely disappointed, but then again democrats are extremely disappointing.

  2. Give Jason a break, he's just trying to stay relevant while his party squanders their political capital nationally.

  3. oh irrelevant republicans, you guys are so funny to watch when confronted with facts. care to address the topic at hand, or at least pretend to read the post before commenting?

  4. Campaign for Truth7/30/2010 9:28 AM

    Irrelevant republicans? Watch Granato and Corroon get schooled by 20-30% in statewide elections and you will feel your irrelevance shake through your hippy bones. Don't you have someone to call a teabagger or a Charlie Rangel hearing to defend?

  5. Funny how Teabaggers are so sensitive about that teabagger thing. If Granato and Corroon lose, it will only be because of the stupidity of Utah voters in not thinking enough before casting their vote. Herbert is an uneducated fool with no grasp on anything outside of Utah County and what Eagle Forum tells him to do. Mike Lee is a teabagger that makes even most teabaggers look sane which is saying a lot!