Thursday, July 29, 2010

Welcome to the Republican Tea Party

Crooks and Liars:
Behold, the Republican Tea Party Contract ON America, where Democrats are prepared to remind the country of what Republicans have been up to this year.
Contract high points include:
  1. Repeal the Affordable Care Act (Health Insurance Reform)
    Put insurance companies back in charge, repeal tax credits for small businesses, allow insurance companies to deny coverage based on preexisting conditions and to drop coverage when a person gets too sick and make prescription drugs for seniors less affordable.
  2. Privatize Social Security or phase it out altogether
    Turn the guaranteed retirement benefits of America's seniors over to Wall Street CEOs by putting Social Security at risk in the stock market or, as some Republicans have called for, phase out Social Security altogether and end a program millions of American seniors rely on for their survival.
  3. End Medicare as it presently exists Phase out and end Medicare as it presently exists for future generations of seniors -- ending Medicare's guaranteed healthcare benefits for more than 40 million American seniors -- and replace it with a voucher system which will result in higher premiums and fewer services for seniors.
  4. Extend the Bush tax breaks for the wealthy and big oil
    At a cost of nearly $700 billion, extend the Bush tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans and big oil, which are set to expire and which have and will continue to explode the federal budget deficit.
  5. Repeal Wall Street Reform
    Roll back the toughest consumer protections ever enacted, allow banks to continue to grow too big to fail, and ensure that predatory lenders continue to utilize their most abusive practices.
  6. Protect those responsible for the oil spill and future environmental catastrophes
    Cap liabilities for those responsible for environmental disasters like the Gulf oil spill and let companies like BP decide which victims deserve compensation for the disaster and what the timeline for relief should be.
  7. Abolish the Department of Education
    Put the big banks back in charge of student loans and put an end to federal assistance for public schools.
  8. Abolish the Department of Energy
    End America's investments in a clean-energy future and disband the organization responsible for oversight of nuclear materials.
  9. Abolish the Environmental Protection Agency
    Gut the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act -- which together protect our kids from air pollution and keep drinking water safe -- and disband the watchdog that holds polluters accountable.
  10. Repeal the 17th Amendment
    Take away your right to pick your U.S. Senator
That's what they've promised. Not just a walk back to the Bush years, a walk back to another century. Perhaps they could repeal the Emancipation Proclamation, too.

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