Friday, September 24, 2010

Herbert's Wash (KUED Debate)

Yesterday, Peter Corroon and Acting-Guv Gary Herbert sat down for a debate.  If you haven't seen it yet, do so here, or catch it on air Monday (KUED's Vote Utah series).

Overall it's what I expected.  Gary all hyperbole , quoting right from the Sutherland Institute newsletters (Government never ever ever creates jobs... except when it does, but ssssssh!), hitting all the buzz words, and on the defensive, Corroon sounding much more the capable executive  .Will Utahn's care?  Is the R all it takes?  We'll see.  But one part worth special note happens at about 20min in, when the two get down to the state economy and breaks for businesses.  It plays out a lil' like this:

Herbert touts a focus on bringing in new jobs, while discounting the tax breaks offered to get them here.

Why that's important?  Well, these businesses haven't brought a marginally significant number of jobs to the state as of yet.  ATK's potential 800 is potentially 800 over two decades, for example.  These "successes" Herbert is holding up for us to pretend are trophies of leadership aren't increasing the tax base on the individual level, and are simple corporate welfare to the companies they draw.  When it comes to their influence on the state's economy they are, at best, breaking even.  It's a wash.  Ta-da!  Leadership!

Corroon responds that the unlevel playing field policies like these create hurts local businesses, who can't compete with the larger companies getting all of the breaks.

Why that's important?  He's right.

The biggest lesson Utah Republican voters can't seem to learn -- and Herbert is selling without question -- is the difference between leaders who are pro-corporation rather than pro-capitalism.  Someone should point out to Gary that that is also something you can find in a Sutherland Institute newsletter.  It's one of the biggest scams in our state: Republicans dancing around in sparkley costumes of limited government only to distract you from their propensity to roll over in a stiff breeze when it comes to a corporate handout.  Free market my left...

Perhaps someone can offer up a campaign contribution to get Gary to change up his talking points?

Also, to hear Gary Herbert talk about fighting radioactive waste, the man should be walking around in a cape.  Which has me wondering how the waste got here...

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