Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Meet with the Governor (in 6 Easy Steps)

Facebook invitation in the inbox: Donate $1 to Gov. Herbert and get a meeting!

Apparently, the only way to get a meeting with Gov. Herbert is by donating to his campaign. A $50,000 contribution gets you special treatment by the Gov's Office but, $1 should still do the trick.
Please follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Mail $1.00 to 55 E Broadway Salt Lake City, UT 84111

Step 2: Call the Governor's Office and ask for a meeting. They can be reached at 801-538-1000. You might need to remind them that you're a donor.
Step 3: Meet Gov. Herbert about winning a $1 billion contract or anything else you desire.

Step 4: Invite others. Everyone should have some quality face time with Gov. Herbert.

Step 5: Inform us of your success!

Step 6: Vote.
Emphasis mine.  Because.

The question that many seem to missing in all of this -- and I keep repeating -- is that even if Herbert is being honest about the donations for contracts, and even if he's telling the truth about being out of the loop on the $13 million "hush money" for losing contractors asking questions about what sounds like an unethically conducted bid process, there still remains the question: How could a sitting governor, mid-legislative session, with the budget in the spotlight each and every day, somehow be unaware that a $13 million check was being cut?!

Herbert is either pulling our chain, or incompetent.  Neither is a quality anyone should look for in a Governor.

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