Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mike Lee, Sharon Angle, Christine O'Donnell... Gary Herbert

The teabagger trifecta, Herbert's "hey look over there!" campaign, and the antics of the GOP nationwide illustrate what appears to be a cancer still eating the Republican Party.  Bob Aagard:

Republicanland must be a great place to live. I want to visit some day.

You see, in Republicanland, saying you opponent is trying to take away Seminary from the religious majority by adding 2 more required high school classes (in a 4-year span) is having a good, clean, issue-based discussion. Yet pointing out that there might be something wrong in accepting cash from and meeting privately with people who are seeking government contracts is wrong is hitting "below the belt."

In Republicanland, having the CEO say he doesn't know what's going on in his company means he can get a huge bonus on his way out the door. If the CEO is a Republican Governor, he's a great leader who deserves to keep his job. Who needs to know who's really running the state? In Republicanland, it doesn't matter.

In Republicanland, when you are running up large deficits, it's OK to sue and get sued by the feds. It's also a great time to give tax breaks to rich people. It's also a great idea to give tax breaks to rich people in times of plenty, too. Even if that puts you in deficits. Any other reason (except for war) for going into deficit spending is a bad idea. Even if it puts people to work or helps them buy food.
Snarky, yeah, but also a fairly accurate summation of the garbage we're hearing from the GOP (both local and national) the last few years, and let's not forget "horseshit" plans for Social Security, stoking the xenophobic fires against Mexicans and Muslims, and rewriting the Constitution for political gain.  Also, generally making things up to carpetbag their way into a lifetime career, at your expense.   And why are people being so mean as to the Acting-Guv, asking all these relevant questions of the practices of the office of CEO of the state?  Sniff.  Poor Lil' Gary!  Someone get him his smellin' salts.

All of this is something Republican voters can find reason to fight for?  You're satisfied with this?  Really?

It's not to say that there is something systematically wrong with Republican voters (the most you can really accuse many of them of is being willing to accept and even defend their party in it's current state, or the tea parties in their removal from reality), but there is definitely something rotten in the Republican Party.  It's worse than "No Ideas," which you can expect from a party shoved into the woods two cycles in a row, now trying to redefine itself.  No, what's really disgusting is the attitude lying at the core of the "voices" of the GOP, from House and RNC leadership, to local party representatives that voters are dumb enough to buy into what they're selling right now.

Here in Utah -- predictably, but still unfortunately -- voters will prove them right in most elections, but nation wide, I hope Republican voters will demand more from their party than they are getting the past decade.

Mike Lee, Christine O'Donnell and Sharon Angle's successful pandering to the nomination as a Senate candidates can serve as  poster children examples for those conservatives hoping to return the party to a reality based platform.  These two haven't been on speaking terms with the real world in what must be a long long time, yet somehow, they are "the future" the GOP (and tea baggn' delegates) offers conservative voters.  Gary Herbert's indignation (while he denies nothing brought to light of day), pretending to be innocently "unaware," while it seems the opposite is true... conservatives buy this stuff in Utah?  Again: Really?  When did all the various ways a person seeking office or re-election can play off of the gullibility of voters become an example of leadership?

From state to national, you guys aren't exactly demanding 110% from your choices and representatives... to say the least.  And before you get your knickers in a twist, the Democrats have been there.  It's part of the cycle.  But the only way you get out of it is to stop defending it, stop accepting it, and start demanding better.

When I listen to Lee, Angle, et al, I wish the GOP do take back the house this year.  Yeah, it would set our country back (way back) 2 years, but it would give people a chance to see exactly what kind of lunatics the Republicans are sending up. When I see people out defending Herbert in the event of recent weeks, and feigning offense over the questions Corroon has asked, it makes me think all voters in Utah need is an R... any R will do (obviously).  No one should be willing to accept so little from representatives of their state, regardless of party affiliation.

Just today, some fool invited me to a "Draft Carl Wimmer for Congress" page.  Seriously!  At least one person (eleven actually, looking at the "like" count on Facebook) thinks that Rep. Carl Wimmer (this Carl Wimmer) is leadership material.  Unbelievable!  I like Carl.  Nice guy.  But he thinks a lot of snow in his driveway is proof that climate change is a hoax.  This is the brightest bulb the UT GOP has?  Wow.

This crop is just craziness.  Plain and simple.

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