Friday, October 15, 2010

Don't Dumb it Down

Conservatives are winning the branding battles with simplistic half-truths that catch on, if not actually telling the real story. Many -- including me, at times -- have argued progressives need to learn to do the same, without the lies. But here's an argument for "keeping it real" even if "full of shit" is winning the frame. The Democratic Strategist:

"What progressives gain in exchange for this sacrifice of the opportunity to pound in a simple message and agenda for decades is pretty important: the chance when in power to promote policies that actually work. And of all the "brands" that are desirable for the party of public-sector activism, competence is surely the best. Indeed, the most ironically perilous thing about the current political environment is that Democrats are paying a high price for the consequences of ideologically-driven incompetence--not to mention very deliberate efforts to destabilize the planet and promote economic inequality and social divisions--attributable to the last era of conservative control of the federal government.

The best news for progressives right now is that conservatives are engaged in another, and even more ideologically-driven, effort to promote their "brand" at the expense of reality. Indeed, one way to understand the Tea Party Movement is as a fierce battle to deny Republicans any leeway from the remorseless logic that will soon lead them to propose deeply unpopular steps to reduce the size and scope of government, while also insisting on policies virtually guaranteed to make today's bad economy even worse, certainly for middle-class Americans. I'm willing to grant conservatives a "branding" advantage and keep my own political family grounded in the messy uncertainties of the real world."


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  1. Fortunately for the GOP, they are campaigning against the Democratic party... the Democrats are doing all the work to insure Republican success.