Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Utah GOP Throws Herbert Under the Bus

Sometimes, I agree with Republican Lawmakers:

A half-dozen GOP lawmakers, all speaking on condition of anonymity so as not to alienate their party’s sitting governor, expressed disbelief and frustration at how Herbert has dealt with the Corroon challenge.

“I think he’ll have a very legitimate challenger, if not challengers. I think that is becoming more and more the conventional wisdom,” said one Republican lawmaker. “It doesn’t ultimately feel like an open and transparent campaign, and there’s an adage that says if you’re explaining, you’re losing. He’s been doing an awful lot of explaining.”

Said another GOP legislator: “In politics, people look for vulnerability, and he’s shown significant vulnerability this cycle.

“I really think Gary has bought himself a challenge,” he said.

Herbert campaign spokesman Don Olsen said he would “respectfully disagree” that the campaign has been mishandled.
Don Olsen is, of course, paid to say that.

Republicans, understandably, have circled the wagons around Gary, since he's their only option this go-round.  They feign indignant outrage over Corroon's aggressive campaign, asking legitimate and warranted questions, because they know they're legitimate questions.

But Republican lawmakers in Utah rarely, if at all, speak out of turn. That a few "anonymous" lawmakers have gotten themselves quoted throwing Gary under the bus, it's either an intentional warning to Herbert's campaign, or such a majority sentiment on the hill that Gary is incompetent, even the weakest links are being let in on the narrative.

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