Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Corroon's Volunteers, In Their Own Words

Back at the Peter Corroon Campaign HQ after visiting 6 staging locations, a Crown Burger, and checking in with the Mayor's friends on Main St. Magna.

The faces here at HQ have changed, but -- surprisingly for 4pm on election day -- the number of empty seats in a very large phone bank area have not.

I talked to several volunteers going on break here and at the various remote locations throughout Salt Lake County, and two themes keep repeating in their answers to my questions:

A genuine excitement over what they are doing here, and a respect for the way the campaign has treated its large volunteer staff.

My favorite comment from a vol who's name I didn't catch: "An architecture has been built here that will have long arms in years to come. The training I've gotten and the experience make me feel a duty to stay involved in this and future campaigns."

Polls are open for another four hours. Find your polling place, and take a few friends.

Thanks to the Corroon Campaign for letting me invade their space today.

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