Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cherilyn Eagar Will Save Us All (Send Her Money! UN! Mexicans! Arglebargle!)

One of the greatest misuses of the phrase "common sense" I've seen in a long time.  In the inbox:

The U.N. Agenda for Immigration
How Utah is adopting that agenda through HB 116
Last week a group of women from Eagle Forum accompanied me to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women Conference.  (More on that event to come.)

A few of us unintentionally attended a session hosted by the U.N. University addressing immigration.  The presenters and many in the audience hold the position that immigration policy should embrace the concept of the free flow of migrant movement across borderless nation states.

It was suggested that a person should be able to set foot on American soil one day and run for political office the next.   Your contribution is needed now so that we can continue to fight for our freedom.  Today.

My previous message today addressed the Utah legislature's action to embrace amnesty and how it will endanger all 50 states if the governor signs the bill.  What has been unspoken in the debate is Utah's role in either knowingly or unknowingly contributing to the incremental movement toward open borders, global governance and the end of sovereignty that the U.N. openly supports.

I am now in D.C. and have just learned that the Utah amnesty bill is still on Utah Governor Gary Herbert's desk.  Please contact him ASAP to let him know that the United States does not want Utah to become the magnet for more illegal aliens, which is the history of amnesty.  The history of guest worker programs is that 40% of them overstay their visas and then become part of the illegal landscape.

Guest Workers?
Don't be deceived.  A guest worker program cannot be implemented safely until the borders are secured!  What message is Utah giving illegal aliens?  "Come to America illegally, use illegal documents and in 16 years you too will  be granted amnesty."  This gives them time to use your children's social security numbers fraudulently and then be given a pass before it is discovered who those social security numbers really belong to.  This is a farce. 

Contact Utah's Governor Gary Herbert.
If you are a Utah delegate and oppose this measure, contact Brandon Beckham immediately.  A meeting with the governor is being organized today.  BrandonCBeckham@gmail.com

3S HB116 was pushed through the Utah State House of Representatives late Friday.  By show of hands, most of them had not even read the bill!  Please contact Governor Herbert’s office today and let him know that until the border is secured, we want enforcement only.

Contact all three:
Andrea Hansenandreahansen@utah.gov (Governor’s secretary)
Governor Gary Herbert gherbert@utah.gov
Lt. Gov.Greg Bell gregbell@utah.gov

Cut & paste in the bcc line for your convenience:  andreahansen@utah.gov, gherbert@utah.gov,  gregbell@utah.gov

Call the Governor’s office at 801.538.1000. 

Learn more about the outrageous consequences of this bill.  Click here.

[SNIP: Rambles on about American Leadership fund, Mexican terrorists a bit more]

Thank you for your help.


Cherilyn Eagar
Director, American Leadership Fund
Coalition on Illegal Immigration

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